by Almus Editor

Send your track or demos to be heard by our staff and be evaluated for possible publication in our main channels Almus Music, Almus Folk.

Please keep in mind these rules we force to accept a song for publication, before filling the form:

  1. Your song is original (music+lyrics). Our company doesn’t distribute covers, remixes, remakes or copies of songs that are protected by copyright laws. Beside the case you have written agreement with owners of composition and lyrics.
  2. Your song doesn’t contains loops or general melodies ripped of by Youtube or other music services that offer downloads in exchange of money. Beside the case you provide us license for the beat or musical composition.
  3. Song should be in best possible quality and performed well by singer.
  4. Song shouldn’t contain high interevent using to much electronic effects to deform the voice and song structure. 

To send us your demo please contact in our social medias.